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The first question your probably asking is 'Do I need a website?'.

Well, quite simply NO, you DON'T. 

The next question would be, 'Do websites work?'.

The answer is YES....your reading this after all, are you not?. 

Welcome indeed to Net-FX...

Advertising in newspapers, on the radio and even Television will give you only so much coverage and, in some cases cost will dictate only local coverage and in the case of the latter, just how much does it cost to advertise on national TV?... And just how long do you have to convey your information?. not long enough.

I am Dave Hollis and I'd like to guide you through my website, giving you all the information you need, not what you don't.

The internet and, more specifically, the world wide web is truly world wide. With many companies using the 'web' more and more to find what they want, the web could be your most valuable advertising and/or customer service medium.

Small and large businesses alike depend on the marketing power of the web and you could be a part of it. The only proof you'll need that the internet works is the fact that your reading this NOW!.

The internet is growing daily with more and more companies and customers logging on. Can you afford not to be part of the web?

My name is Dave Hollis. I am the founder of Net-FX. Through me, Net-FX will endeavour to create a website and/or graphics to suit your requirements perfectly.

You will only EVER deal exclusively with Net-FX and Wizziweb...

No passing the buck.

No endless call transfers....


Working from home minimises costs to ourselves and, we can pass on these savings DIRECTLY TO YOU!



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